Nine Reasons to Vote Yes to Europe

1  Fighting Climate Change 
It’s only through concerted international efforts that we have a chance of solving the climate crisis. The UK’s membership of the EU is a crucial part of that fight. 

2 Our Rights at work
Our rights at work - from paid holidays, to maternity pay and the right to strike - are protected by EU rules. 

3 Controlling Corporate Power
With corporations operating across borders - and attempting to drive down wages and environmental protections in the process - it’s clear that we need international rules to keep them in check, and cross-border action to tackle tax-dodging.

4 Protecting our Environment
Our beaches are cleaner, our air less polluted, and our wildlife is far safer because of EU protections. We benefit from over 100 European laws protecting people and our environment. 

5 Tackling Poverty
EU funds help some of the most deprived communities in Europe - including many places in the UK. Working closely with other EU countries allows us to begin tackling the huge inequalities across our continent. 

6 Creating Decent Jobs EU membership gives us a better chance of getting a decent job. 3-4 million jobs are linked directly and indirectly to our trade with other EU countries according to a range of studies by independent experts as well as the UK Government. 

7 Freedom of Movement All EU citizens have the right to freedom of movement. Whether that means travelling across Europe, studying abroad, retiring to Spain or moving to Britain to work - it enriches our lives and culture. 

8 Peace and Security The EU has been crucial to lasting peace in Europe after the bloodshed of the Second World War. No matter how slow some of the discussions can be in Europe it’s infinitely better to be sitting around a table discussing issues rather than resorting to bullets and bombs. 

9 Because we can achieve so much more together
The EU isn’t perfect, but to change Europe, we’ve got to keep our seat at the table. Greens are fighting for a more democratic EU – where citizens have more of a say. By working together with people across Europe, we can ensure the EU goes further in protecting our environment, lifting people out of poverty, and challenging the power of corporations. 


Greens were active in the strong campaigns by East Kent Against Fracking and Keep Shepherdswell Well in 2013 and 2014 to fight applications for coal bed methane exploration at four sites in East Kent, which could eventually have led to fracking. The campaign groups raised public awareness about the damage which could be done to the environment by drilling exploratory boreholes in the region, particularly highlighting the risk of contamination to the chalk aquifer, which supplies more than 70% of Kent with its drinking water supplies. Three applications were withdrawn after the Environment Agency required detailed explanations on how the company concerned (Coastal Oil and Gas Ltd) would protect the aquifer.

The 14th round of government Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences (PEDLs) in 2015 saw Kent free of licences, Coastal Oil and Gas Ltd having relinquished those it held in the county.

Air Quality

An estimated 81 people die each year in Canterbury District as a result of air pollution from traffic.

Green MEP Keith Taylor joins Green Party members in Canterbury on 30th April 2013. They are canvassing for the KCC Election and pausing to draw attention to the vital importance of good air quality.

See Keith's publication 'Air Pollution - The Invisible Killer' for more information about the issue


Public transport should be owned by the public and for the benefit of the public, not shareholders.

We are campaigning for the renationalisation of our railways and for proper investment in this clean, green form of transport.

20mph residential roads

We continue to campaign for 20mph roads where people live. Research has shown that accidents are significantly reduced while traffic is not unduly delayed.