Welcome to Canterbury District Green Party

I would like to welcome you to the Canterbury District Green Party website. We campaign throughout the Canterbury area on a variety of issues and initiatives that we believe would make the Canterbury area a more pleasant, prosperous and sustainable place in which to live and work. Key issues include tackling the congestion and poor air quality in the city, lowering the city's carbon footprint, protecting green space within the city, campaigning to protect public services, especially those for the most vulnerable, and championing local 'green' businesses.

We stood the highest number of candidates ever in the 2015 City Council elections, gaining 11% of the vote across the District, though we have still to have a councillor elected.

In 2014 our Green MEP, Keith Taylor, was re-elected to continue the excellent work that he does for us all, winning a resounding 18% of the vote in the City area.

If you would like to get involved, learn more about us, ask us any questions about our views or policies, or simply comment on the website, please don't hesitate to get in touch."

Michelle Freeman, Chair of Canterbury District Green Party