Canterbury District Green Party

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Rethinking Traffic in Whitstable - the CT5 Peoples' Forum

In December of 2020 Canterbury District Green Party put forward the following representation to the traffic sub-committee of the CT5 Peoples' Forum, concerning the party's proposals for traffic policy in Whitstable's town centre. 

The proposal can be summarised as follows:

- Traffic congestion, parking and road safety have been identified as one of the main concerns for Whitstable residents and businesses. This has worsened significantly with the rise of 'stay-cations' during the COVID-19 Pandemic, leading to a tourist increase to Whitstable town centre. 

- Given the importance of Whitstable's tourist economy, it is vital that traffic infrastructure in the town is reformed in order to accommodate for the rise in visitors. This must take into account both the predicted rise in car ownership and the pressing issue of climate change, keeping with KCC's Net Zero target of 2030. 

Long-term proposals:

1. An online/offline town-wide mapping consultation.

2. Planning and delivery of a design charrette.

Shorter-term proposals:

1. Public realm and safety works for Sea Street.

2. A default setting for public transport. 

3. Adoption o a 20mph speed limit throughout Whitstable. 

4. Test the feasibility of smart parking. 

5. Improve cycling safety and facilities. 

6. Restrict HGVs in the centre of town.

7. Involvement of local schools. 

8. Car share / Cycle hire / Scooter hire schemes. 

9. Supporting the High Street. 

For more detail on the background for the campaign, or any one of the proposal's listed above, the full report can be accessed here: Rethinking Traffic in Whitstable - a campaign for change November 2020.