Canterbury District Green Party

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Whitstable Residents' Survey Results

This summer, your local Green Party surveyed residents of Gorrell ward in Whitstable about their views on their community. Thanks to all those who took the time to tell us their views.
The results show that people love Whitstable for its strong sense of community, great high street and for being such a friendly neighbourhood.
The three key priorities for improving life in the town were:
1)   Plastic pollution
2)   Parking
3)   Affordable housing

Plastic pollution
Greens will continue to actively support the Plastic-Free movement, encouraging local businesses to reduce single-use plastic containers and packaging. 
We would also prioritise multi-compartment bins in Whitstable, especially on the beaches. This would mean an increase in recycling and a decrease in litter.
We would campaign for an alternative to the thousands of disposable takeaway cups and glasses being used by the town's cafes, pubs and festivals.

The town has serious problems with parking, especially in the summer months when visitors flock to Whitstable. The survey showed support for more residents-only parking in the centre of town. The Green Party will also campaign to get the long-promised out-of-town park and ride facilities set up.

Affordable housing
Currently the cheapest house prices in the District are more than 13 times the annual salary of the lowest paid, making home ownership an impossible dream for many.
Green Party policy is to use forms of housing provision where affordability can be guaranteed, such as social and co-operative housing, and encouraging self-build and custom-build that directly meet peoples’ needs while empowering the builders/occupants.
We would also set up a living rent commission, ensure secure tenancies and the Right to Rent if a householder falls behind on mortgage payments.
We would campaign to charge 200% council tax on homes left empty for longer than 6 months and set aside the extra revenue received to provide free roof and cavity-wall insulation to residents in the District.