Canterbury District Green Party

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Kent Greens Press Release - call for Jeremy Hunt to resign

Mandy Rossi, Co-Chair of Kent Greens, has given her support for junior doctors in advance of the national strike this week[1]. She has highlighted the attempt by the Secretary of State to bully junior doctors by imposing the contract [2] exactly one year after Jeremy Hunt called for an end to bullying in the NHS [3]. 
She points out that the Secretary of State is on record calling for the NHS to be privatised [4] and for funding to be provided through an insurance scheme [5]. She has stated that Jeremy Hunt is not fit to run the NHS and that it is time for him to go. Mandy has joined junior doctors on the picket line on previous strikes.
Mandy Rossi, Co-Chair of Kent Greens: "I am appalled at the hypocrisy of Jeremy Hunt announcing that he was imposing a contract on junior doctors exactly one year after  he 'called time on NHS bullying'. Junior doctors are essential to a functioning NHS, they will go on to become leaders of the service. Like all NHS staff they need to be treated with respect.
"It is clear to all that Jeremy Hunt's agenda is to destroy the NHS and to pass it into private hands supported by an insurance scheme. He has gone on record with these views and he is therefore not a fit person to be in charge of the NHS.
"It is time for Mr Hunt to go before for he completely destroys the NHS and the good will that it runs on."