Canterbury District Green Party

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Support Dover anti-racism march on 17 October

Far Right march against refugees in Dover – support the Anti-Racism march on 17th October
A few weeks ago 300 Nazis marched through Dover chanting "Fuck off refugees". The National Front had a banner on the march, as did Combat 18 and other far right groups.

Although there was an antifascist counter-demo, there were only about 200 demonstrators. The Nazi demo was on the same day as the pro-refugee demo in London and, understandably, many local people went to that.

Kent Anti-Racism Network is organising a mass campaign in the area with thousands of leaflets, streets stalls and events. They aim to build a local movement able to challenge the fascists when they plan to march in the area.

They have also been approached by people in Dover who were horrified by the presence of fascists in their town and wanted support from them and others to build their own pro-refugee demonstration. Many organisations are backing it, including L'Auberge des Migrants, the key NGO working on the ground in the Calais refugee camp, London2Calais group, Kent Refugee Help and Kent Green Party. It will take place on Saturday, 17th October from 12.30pm in Dover Market Square, CT16 1NB.