Canterbury District Green Party

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Canterbury District sets up as a local party

At our AGM on 11th July Canterbury District Green Party members voted unanimously to establish our branch of Kent Green Party as an independent local party. We approved changes to our constitution to reflect this.

In view of the huge growth in membership from fewer than 100 at the last AGM to over 300 now, it was also agreed that the everyday business of the local party would be dealt with by the Executive Committee elected at the AGM, while separate regular meetings of members and supporters will be held to discuss policy, local issues and direction.

It was agreed that members could meet in three local groups (Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay) if appropriate. This would show that we are acting on issues which came up on the doorstep when we were canvassing in the May election campaigns. A good example of this was the question of having separate town councils, which led to a petition being set up by Whitstable members. This issue will come up in Canterbury City Council (CCC)’s forthcoming Governance Review.

It will also be easier to have separate meetings for Herne Bay members, as they come under CCC for local elections but under Thanet North as their parliamentary constituency.