Canterbury District Green Party

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Reasons to vote Green in Canterbury District

Reasons to vote Green in Canterbury:
  • In the city itself, the Green Party polled 18% of the vote in the European elections last year, 14% in the District overall, neck and neck with Labour and way ahead of the Lib Dems. There are plenty of your neighbours who believe in Green policies and vote for what they believe in when they know their vote counts.
  • Green Party membership has trebled in the last eight months. The #GreenSurge has seen a huge increase in support for the Green Party since our excellent result here last year. This year you can elect Greens to the council and to Parliament.  
  • The Green Party is the only one which stands with the majority of British people on renationalising the railways, opposing fracking and nuclear power, supporting renewable energy solutions and a nationwide programme to promote energy-saving and create thousands of jobs in the process.
  • Canterbury District has serious problems with traffic congestion, air pollution, disastrous housing development plans and disappearing communities. The Green Party has tried and tested answers to all these problems and more. 
  • We are standing in most of the wards in the District. If you want to vote Green, you can.
  • Other parties will claim that you should vote tactically for them. We say that is a wasted vote. You should vote for what you believe in and here in Canterbury there is a very real chance that you can elect a Green.