Canterbury District Green Party

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Green Candidate supports 38 Degrees NHS Campaign in Canterbury

Green Party parliamentary candidate, Stuart Jeffery, joined campaigners in Canterbury as part of a national day of action on the NHS organised by the campaign group 38 Degrees. The 38 Degrees campaign is against the privatisation of the NHS and is calling for proper funding.

Stuart who is a member of the Keep Our NHS Public campaign, works for the NHS and is a registered nurse, met with campaigners outside of the Marlow on Saturday.

Stuart: “People are rightly concerned about the level of privatisation in the NHS and it is great the groups such as 38 Degrees are leading this campaign. The Green Party is the only party opposed to privatisation of the NHS and I have been campaigning to keep it public for many years.

“Not only is it being privatised, it is being starved of money. The head of the NHS has said that it needs £30bn over the next five years and he has said that £22bn will be found through further cuts. Lib / Lab / Tory promises of up to £8bn will ensure these cuts happen. The Greens are proposing to fund the NHS properly.”