Canterbury District Green Party

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Save Kemberland Wood from the pylons

The Green Party’s parliamentary candidate for Canterbury, Stuart Jeffery, has thrown his weight behind the campaign to save Kemberland Wood from the proposed Richborough Link. He is urging people to write to National Grid to ask them to find a better route than one through ancient woodland. Stuart is also calling on people to sign the 38 Degrees petition started by local campaigner, Kirsty Morris.

Stuart Jeffery, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Canterbury: “Not only is ancient woodland beautiful, it provides a unique and irreplaceable habitat that simply doesn’t exist in other woodland. Ancient woodland is increasingly under threat and while only 2% of our country is ancient woodland, more and more is being swept away.

“Kemberland Wood is under threat from the proposed Richborough Connection. I met with lead campaigner, Kirsty Morris, to discuss the impact of the plan. I can see the need to fight National Grid and I will be standing alongside her to stop the pylons destroying this ancient woodland.

“I am urging all local residents to sign her petition and to write to the National Grid to explain why destroying ancient woodland is wrong and why they must find a better route.”