Canterbury District Green Party

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Fracking infiltration is a bad case of political policing against the Greens

Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that Kent Police planted officers in the audience at a fracking debate at Canterbury Christ Church University - despite a DI claiming that he had attended as an “interested stakeholder”, that Kent Police had requested the names of every attendee and that they were specifically concerned about the attendance of Green Party members.
Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Canterbury, Stuart Jeffery, has condemned the police actions as political policing of the kind last seen at the climate camp in 2008 in Kingsnorth and will be writing to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
Stuart Jeffery, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Canterbury: “Despite assurances that the police actions against greens at Kingsnorth in 2008 would not be repeated, it is clear that Kent Police are continuing their campaign of political policing against the Greens.
“Planting undercover officers into the audience of a university debate simply because it is on an issue of interest to the Greens is frankly an abuse of power and a waste of resources.
“Their request to ask the university to break the law by providing a list of attendees is surely incitement? This may well be a criminal act under the Serious Crimes Act 2007.
“I will be asking the Independent Police Complaints Commission to consider this further.”
The notes from the police meeting reveal that:
1. “Ch/Insp XXXXX requested that CI XXXXX and DI XXXX register to attend the university debate”
2. The police action plan states: “Ascertain attendance numbers, guest list and security arrangements”
3. Specific concern about the Green Party mentioned in email 19/11/14 16:49
It has been reported that CI Steve Barlow attended the debate "as an interested stakeholder."