Canterbury District Green Party

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Canterbury and Whitstable residents are furious about tax avoidance

Canterbury’s Green parliamentary candidate is hoping that the Lib Dems, Conservative and Labour parties are reflecting on the volume of emails sent by local constituents to the four local candidates in the past few days demanding action to stop tax avoidance by the rich. Almost 100 emails were sent jointly to the candidates in two days following the latest tax avoidance scandal.

Stuart Jeffery, Green Party parliamentary candidate for Canterbury and Whitstable: “In just the past few days around a hundred local people have emailed me and the Lib Dem, Conservative and Labour candidates asking what we will do to stop the appalling levels of tax avoidance. People in this constituency are clearly furious at the endemic nature of tax avoidance among the rich elite.

“The need to stop tax avoidance has never been greater. Figures put the loss to the treasury at over £100 billion each year while almost 1 million people relied on foodbanks in 2013. Labour, Lib Dems and Conservative are equally culpable for refusing to close these tax loopholes.

“It is time to end non-dom tax schemes both for business and individuals, while people and businesses are in this country there must be no excuses to avoid paying taxes. For those businesses that trade in the UK but claim their profits are made in tax-havens, I demand that they open their books and pay the right proportion of their profits in UK tax. If they refuse, they should not be allowed to trade here.

“It is high time to tackle this scandal head on. We cannot have people going hungry, cuts to essential services and rising inequalities while the rich elite are routinely avoiding paying tax.”


The email to four of Canterbury’s parliamentary candidates:
Dear Hugh Lanning, Stuart Jeffery, James Flanagan, and Mr Julian Brazier MP,
I’m concerned about the recent revelations that HSBC has been helping the super-rich dodge their tax, and that the government has not been acting to stop this.
As a prospective parliamentary candidate in my area, can you let me know what you pledge to do to crack down on tax dodging and prevent scandals like HSBC from happening again?
Yours sincerely…