Canterbury District Green Party

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

I Can't Breathe protest at UKC gets Green support

Canterbury Greens are supporting tomorrow's "I Can't Breathe" demonstration at the University of Kent. The demonstration is part of a international show of anger at injustices against black people and has been sparked by the death of Eric Garner in the US [1].

The protest is on Thursday 18th December at 1pm outside of Essentials [2].

Dave Cocozza, Green Party Candidate for Blean Forest Ward in Canterbury: "The death of Eric Garner, and the subsequent acquittal of the public services involved in the case, is horrifying and unjust.

"The video recorded by a bystander that has sparked international controversy and protests is an issue we need to discuss and raise awareness of and, just like the students who were subjected to an unnecessary attack in November by police, the excessive force used by the police was completely wrong. Another black man lost his life that day.

"I'm marching on Thursday to send a clear message to our own police force that nobody should live in fear in our society or feel oppressed. The police are meant to protect us, not kill people who pose no immediate threat."