Canterbury District Green Party

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

St Dunstans should be a shared space for traffic and pedestrians

Canterbury's Green Parliamentary Candidate has called for radical changes to St Dunstans with the creation of a shared space for traffic, pedestrians and cyclists. Amid calls for the replacement of railings from the car lobby and for more pedestrian crossing by local residents, Stuart has suggested that the successful 'shared space' scheme in Ashford could be replicated in St Dunstans.

Stuart Jeffery, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Canterbury: "Simple segregation of traffic and pedestrians does little for safety and simply increases the speed at which drivers think they can travel safely which is why I want to see St Dunstans become a shared space for pedestrians and traffic.

"While there are calls for the railings to be replaced, I have been lobbied for more pedestrian crossings on St Dunstans, reflecting the need of local people to be able to cross the road more freely.

"St Dunstans is a busy area for pedestrians with its shops and cafes and it is time to give pedestrians right of way there. A shared space, such as the successful scheme in Ashford where there are no artificial boundaries between the traffic and pedestrians, means that traffic is simply required to give way to people and as a result drivers go more slowly and take more care. Local businesses are supportive of having St Dunstans as a shared space too.

"We also know that pedestrians take more care in a shared space with accidents falling by 75% in Ashford's.

"It is time to rebalance the transport priorities in Canterbury making sure that pedestrians have priority over cars where possible, especially in places such as St Dunstans."