Canterbury District Green Party

Friday, 12 September 2014

Kingsmead Field: money vs people and nature

Canterbury’s Green Parliamentary Candidate has backed campaigners following a disappointing decision by the council to continue the sale of Kingsmead Field. Stuart attended last night’s meeting of the Council’s Executive and was particularly shocked at remarks made by Cllr Doyle who he thinks should apologise for them.

Stuart Jeffery, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Canterbury: “Last night’s decision by the council to ignore calls for the remainder of Kingsmead Field to have village green status are extremely disappointing. The council made it very clear that the income from the sale of the land was more important than people using it or the wildlife it supports.

“I sat alongside the campaigners as they spoke brilliantly and passionately about the land and its value, before the councillors stated that they want the money from the sale of the land for development and that the money is more important than either the nature it supports of the amenity value to people.

“I was particularly shocked at Cllr Doyle who claimed that the space was underused and that there would be less of an obesity problem in Northgate if more people used the field for exercise. This show a clear lack of understanding of the drivers of obesity which are social and economic in the main and are therefore mostly influenced by local and national government. Cllr Doyle should really apologise for her statement.

“This is an expected result from a council putting money before people and nature. I have offered my help to the campaigners as they continue the fight.”