Canterbury District Green Party

Friday, 15 August 2014

Hold the Coalition to account for the state of Kent and Canterbury Hospital

Canterbury Greens have expressed concern at the news that the Kent and Canterbury Hospital has been rated 'Inadequate' by the Care Quality Commission. They have pointed to the root cause as being the real time cuts to the NHS by the government and have called on the public to hold the Conservative / Lib Dem government to account for the state of the NHS.

Stuart Jeffery, Campaign Manager for Canterbury Green Party said: "It is great that the management at East Kent Hospitals are taking action to resolve the issues found by the CQC, but we must put the blame for the problems squarely at the government who has set in trail a programme of destruction for the NHS.

"The 2012 Health and Social Care bill along with the real terms reduction in funding of the NHS for the past 4 years with no funding to meet the continued growth in demand has driven many Trusts across the country into real difficulties, many of which result in a reduction in quality.

"The Health and Social Care Bill removed the accountability of the Secretary of State for Health to provide services, distancing politicians from problems. This was an appalling dereliction of duty and needs to be reversed. The public must hold the Conservatives / Lib Dem government to account for the state of our NHS."