Canterbury District Green Party

Monday, 21 July 2014

Canterbury Green's submission to Local Plan: Canterbury should become a beacon of sustainability

Canterbury Green Party have proposed a range of radical improvements to the Draft Local Plan in their consultation submission to the Council. Canterbury Greens want the City to become a beacon of environmental sustainability, embrace one planet living championing well-being over economic growth, and be seen as one of the top environmental places in the country.  They have called for Canterbury to become the UK's first car free city, starting with the City Centre and increasing the car free areas over the following 20 years.

Canterbury Greens have also questioned the proposed housing numbers which are based on increasing migration from London and other parts of the country seeming to support economic growth. The Greens have proposed that only around 8,500 homes are needed over the coming 20 years.

Jo Kidd, Chair of Canterbury Green Party: "The Draft Plan from the Council has some good ideas in it but could go a lot further, embracing sustainability and the needs of people rather than focusing on economic growth. The City has the opportunity to be a beacon for environmental action and become one of the greenest placed in the country.

"For example, we want Canterbury to become the UK's first car free city. Starting with the City Centre and supported by significant improvements in cycle lanes, public transport, local facilities and local jobs, the City can move to becoming car free by 2031.

"Other radical measures should include a local currency to promote local businesses and jobs."