Canterbury District Green Party

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

East Kent Against Fracking are holding a free public meeting - 5th March 2014 at Barham Village Hall.

Photo: Keith Taylor
The Government’s drive to promote unconventional gas and oil exploration in the UK (often called ‘fracking’ for the sake of convenience) has been somewhat eclipsed by the disastrous flooding seen all over the country, including here in Kent.
Yet these two issues are closely linked. Greenpeace's chief scientist, Dr Doug Parr, has said recently: "If fracking had already gone ahead in some of the licensed areas inSomerset, flood-hit communities could now have more to worry about than just high water.
"Broken equipment, leaking wells and spillages of chemicals or waste water could all represent a risk to public health and our natural environment in the event of a major flood.”

As Kent may well be a target for new planning applications to drill exploratory boreholes in the next round of Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences expected soon, we are holding a free public meeting on Wednesday, 5thMarch, at 7.30pm in Barham Village Hall, Valley Road, BarhamCT4 6PU. 

We will be showing a much-praised 50-minute documentary Fracking in the UK – The Truth behind the Dash for Gas.
This will be followed by a presentation by Graham Warren, a hydrogeologist who worked for 30 years with the Environment Agency and Water Authorities. Prior to that, he was on overseas appointments on groundwater and river catchment surveys and irrigation schemes. Mr Warren is now Chair of the CPRE Protect Kent Environment Group and is the author of reports on water resources in our water-stressed county. He has kindly agreed to talk to us for about 20 minutes about the geology and water resources of potential sites in East Kent, where applications to drill exploratory boreholes could soon be made, but his conclusions apply to all of the county where chalk is present.
After the presentation there will be an opportunity to put any questions you may have to Mr Warren or to Pat Marsh, Secretary of East Kent Against Fracking.