Canterbury District Green Party

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Encouragement today from KCC for the Save Kingsmead Field campaign.

" Dear Friends of Kingsmead Field,

Thank you to everyone who came to our Village Green hearing this  
morning and a very special thanks to KCC Cllr Graham Gibbens who gave  
us his whole-hearted support.

We had one aim in mind and that was to secure a postponement of the  
decision on our application until after the Supreme Court's judgement  
on a comparable case involving Council-owned land next year.  The odds  
were heavily stacked against us, but Kent County Council clearly felt  
the heat of public pressure and the degree of legal confusion over the  
powers under which Kingsmead Field is held.  They voted in favour of  
postponement.  This is a major victory which will have the following  

1)    The field is likely to be safe for many more months;
2)    Our Village Green application will be judged on much clearer legal  
       criteria than would have been the case today;
3)    Canterbury City Council now has a golden opportunity to rethink its  
       plans for Kingsmead.

We will be calling on Canterbury City Council to either voluntarily  
register Kingsmead Field as a Village/Town Green or designate it as a  
protected Local Green Space in the context of the Local Plan.  More on  
this soon!

Thank you once again for all your support.  It has been phenomenal and  
incredibly motivating!

Best wishes


(On behalf of the Save Kingsmead Field campaign) "

Photo: SKF July 2013