Canterbury District Green Party

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


YES to a 20mph speed limit outside all schools and in all residential areas.               
NO to more increases in rail fares and continued public subsidy on aviation fuel.

YES to improving Canterbury’s streets for pedestrians and cyclists, 
to continuing improvements in public transport and to encouraging car-sharing.               
NO to new development at locations that will prompt more car use, such as 
close to the junctions of high-speed roads (eg the A2)

YES to development on ‘brownfield’ sites  providing sustainable and 
affordable housing with a good range of local shops and facilities, 
pedestrian-friendly street layouts, access to high-quality public transport, 
direct routes forpedestrians and cyclists, and restricted access for cars.

NO to development on Chaucer and Kingsmead Fields.

YES to every community having schools that serve the local population.      
NO to the Kent Test.

YES to free bus travel for all secondary school children.     
NO to cuts that target the poorest and most vulnerable people, and to cuts 
in services which ensure healthy, safe and clean communities.

YES to more support for local independent  businesses and social 
NO to privatising health and social care services.

YES to a living wage as a key instrument in tackling poverty and to pay 
structures within organisations that ensure the top salary is no more than 
ten times the lowest salary.
NO to cuts in local libraries, post offices and other valued
community-based amenities.