Canterbury District Green Party

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Brompton Dock Bike Scheme arrives in Canterbury

Kent County Council has obtained some funding from the Government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund, and working with South East Trains and Brompton Dock, Brompton Dock bicycle lockers and bikes will be installed at Canterbury West, Ashford International, Tonbridge and Maidstone East stations during April.  The objective of the project is to reduce the need for car travel as part of a business, leisure or commuting trips while also improving the efficiency of staff and personal travel. The aim is to get organisations and individuals in the area to make use of the service to encourage sustainable and healthy travel.

As you probably all know too well, moving around in Canterbury is difficult and we won’t solve the congestion problems and certainly not improve the environment unless we can persuade a few people not to use their cars on some occasions.

For those that have tried cycling it is often the most convenient and fastest way of travelling anywhere in Canterbury itself - even in a suit for short distances.

Similarly many of you travel to other towns and cities by train and car and often find the last part of the journey from a station or car park takes a very long time.

Getting exercise while cycling, for any day to day travel needs, is also a very good way of getting fit and staying healthy.

The details of how the Brompton Dock system works, how to register and charges are provided in the web site: for any person or individual. 

A corporate deal has also been negotiated for any organisation who may have a number of staff who could use the facility – the details of this are also attached.

The Brompton Dock system allows for automated hire of folding bikes, so staff and visitors to an organisation or town can travel by bike in the course of their work, as part of their journey to and from work or for leisure purposes.

As Brompton bikes can be quickly folded, it is possible to take them on a train, bus or tube (or even a car), and use them in combination with the main mode of transport, which makes many trips faster, cheaper and more convenient. 

If you require further information, a face to face explanation and see and try a bike please contact:

For Canterbury John Elliott – 07810 204400, 01227 765626,   (John will be on holiday from 9th to 21st April)
For Ashford Rory McMullan – 07572 125588
For Maidstone or Tonbridge - Graham Tanner on 01622 696819

The Docks are planned to be installed during April – we will let you know when they are available.

There will also be an official launch in May where we hope the Minister of Transport will join us, as well as key representatives of local organisations.

The scheme has already been featured on local press: