Canterbury District Green Party

Thursday, 7 March 2013

C.A.S.T. - Benefit Gig - 13th March.

Dear Friends,

Canterbury Alliance for Sustainable Transport is hosting a benefit gig (yes there is still such a thing!) next to the Westgate Towers on the 13th of March (next Wednesday) from 12noon – 2pm.
This will be to raise awareness about the need for sustainable transport solutions to our City’s traffic congestion and air quality problems.
Talented stars such as Ivan Thompson,  Brendan Power, Chris Wong, Andee Price and Alan King will be coming together to perform exclusively under the appellation of ‘Hail, the Mardi Gras, Bop!
Skip lectures early, bring your lunch, bring your boss, pray for spring - we hope to see you there!


(On behalf of Canterbury Alliance for Sustainable Transport)