Canterbury District Green Party

Friday, 8 February 2013


The Save Kingsmead Field Campaign has initiated Legal Action against the Executive decision to appropriate Kingsmead Field for housing. A pre-action letter has been sent by a solicitor to the Council alleging that they have acted unlawfully in the appropriation of the field and that they have failed to carry out an adequate, fair and open consultation with local residents.

In order to finance this action, the campaign is launching a fighting fund.
"We are appealing to residents, local organisations and businesses for financial support.  If you are able to make a donation towards the fund, we would appreciate it very much.  We have set up a campaign committee.  Our treasurer is a local accountant and all donations will be carefully recorded.  At the close of the campaign, any funds remaining will be returned on a pro rata basis to all donors who have contributed £25 or over

A charity account has been opened with the Nationwide and donations may be made in person at any Nationwide branch of by BACS transfer using the following information.

‘Save Kingsmead Field’
Sort Code: 07 00 93
Bank Account: 33 33 33 34
Account Number: 0287 / 704 227 825
Alternatively, cheques may be sent payable to

'Save Kingsmead Field'
C/O 30 The Crescent
CanterburyCT2 7AW

If you shop on-line, please consider signing up to Easy Fundraising:

This enables you to raise funds for the Save Kingsmead Field campaign while shopping, without any cost to yourself.  Hundreds of on-line retailers work with Easy Fundraising (eg Amazon, Boots, M&S, Sainsbury's, Waterstones) and will donate a percentage of your purchase price to our campaign.  See link above for more information."

To illustrate the progress of the Kingsmead Field story so far an excellent presentation given at the Public Meeting on 7th February is available to watch HERE. It is recommended viewing.