Canterbury District Green Party

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Whitstable Delivery Office.

Royal Mail are proposing to close the Whitstable Delivery Office on Cromwell Road and relocate it to Canterbury. This will clearly lead to an increase in traffic congestion and air pollution levels in the city. 

Russell Page has sent the following email to Royal Mail Chief Executive Moya Greene:
"Dear Moya Greene
We are writing to you to ask you to urgently re-think the proposed closure of the Whitstable Delivery Office in Cromwell Road.

As you may know, Canterbury already has a chronic problem with traffic congestion and poor air quality. Nine areas of the city have been declared Air Quality Management Areas in which the level of nitrogen dioxide exceeds levels set down by DEFRA and the EU. Long-term exposure to nitrogen dioxide can have serious consequences for health, particularly for respiratory conditions. Closure of the Whitstable Delivery Office and its relocation to Canterbury will greatly increase traffic in the city as Royal Mail employees are forced to commute  and members of the public are forced to travel to Canterbury to collect their parcels, causing further increases in air pollution and the further misery of worse congestion for residents.  There would also be an increase in the number of postal vans leaving the Canterbury office further exacerbating the problem.
In short, this is not just a decision that will affect Royal Mail employees; it is a decision that will affect, adversely, the quality of life of all Canterbury residents and we urge you to reconsider it.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,

Russell Page (Chair, Canterbury Green Party)