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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

National Libraries Day 2013 - Saturday 9th February

On SATURDAY 9 FEBRUARY the second National Libraries Day (NLD2013) ( ) will be celebrated at Whitstable Library, 31-33 Oxford Street, Whitstable CT5 1DB.
This will build on the ‘Use it, love it, join it’ event in Whitstable in 2012 which marked the first ever National Libraries Day. The success of that event has encouraged Kent County Council to organise a programme of events in support of NLD2013 whereas a year ago it instructed staff to ignore the national celebration of libraries. On 9 February, local adults and children will gather for ‘chalking & talking’ in Library Square starting at 11 am. There will be short speeches about the importance of libraries and then participants will gather inside the library to show support for this vital and  valuable community resource.

Everyone attending is asked to bring the OPENING SENTENCE of a book they have enjoyed reading during the last year and would recommend others to read. Those who like to are invited to come dressed as a character from their chosen book.
The gathering will be a celebration of the service and opportunities  – open to everyone- that our libraries provide. KCC Libraries Department has given an assurance that there are currently no plans to cut local library provision. But that has happened in some other local authorities; so local residents remain vigilant and ready to oppose any attempts to reduce the facilities, staffing or  resources currently available. NLD2013 is also an opportunity to show solidarity with residents in other areas who are having to fight cuts and closures in their library service.
As local resident, Charlotte Baynes, said during preparations  for NLD 2013:
'Libraries are important. Many of us assume they will always be there. If we just try to imagine our lives without them, we can see how impoverished future generations would be without that easy the opportunity to explore the written word along with so much more. It would be like removing an essential life raft, especially to those who do not have the resources at hand and who need it most.'
Public libraries are cornerstones of healthy and optimistic communities. On 9 February, Whitstable residents are invited to once again gather to show that they believe in being part of a strong and vibrant community and want their libraries to continue to be vital centres  within that community.
On 9 February : .
11am  Outdoor gathering in Library Squarefor ‘chalk & talk’ about the opening sentences of favourite books plus parade of characters from them.
11.30* Short speeches about the importance and value of libraries and photo opportunity.
11.50*  Indoor ‘Read-in’ followed by individual and family browsing, choosing books (and joining) in the library
* Exact timings may varya little according to weather conditions and number of people attending
 For further information:  Richard Stainton  07768 886949