Canterbury District Green Party

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Canterbury Society outlines forthcoming document ‘A Residents' Vision For Canterbury’

Three members of The Canterbury Society outlined the contents of the Society’s document ‘The Future Of Our City - A Residents' Vision For Canterbury’ to the  Council’s Canterbury Area Member Panel on Monday, 19th November. Councillors were presented with a copy of the document which the Society hopes to complete before the end of the year. Perhaps the most radical proposal is a complete overall of the Council’s decision - making structure, reverting to the previous Committee format and away from the current Executive system. In total the Society makes 81 recommendations.

An audio recording of their presentation can be heard HERE

The Society’s representatives, Prof. Jan Pahl, Dr. Geoff Meaden and John Walker speak at the beginning of the meeting; describing the development of the Vision which is rooted in their close collaboration with Residents' Associations in the city. We look forward to the completed document which will be made available on the Society’s website.

The Canterbury Society