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Friday, 16 November 2012

From The Open Spaces Society

Growth & Infrastructure Bill update
The Bill had its second reading on Monday 5 November, having been postponed from 30 October.  You can read the debate at  Thanks to all your lobbying, a number of MPs mentioned the threat to village greens - thank you for all your help.

The bill goes next to the Public Bill Committee for more detailed scrutiny, although I understand that only five days have been allowed for this - clearly grossly inadequate.  The public has been invited to submit written evidence to the committee by 6th December  Please do this, to show the strength of feeling about the threat to village greens in clauses 12 and 13.  You can find details of how to do this at :

Some organisations have been invited to give oral evidence but, unfortunately, we were not included and although I have tried to secure us a place because of the unique contribution we can make on greens, I have not been successful due to the rushed timetable.

We shall keep you posted as the bill progresses.

Publicity for Village Greens

On 11 November we shall be featured on BBC One Countryfile at 6.20 pm.  Do watch, or you can download to watch later.
Yours sincerely

Kate Ashbrook, General Secretary, The Open Spaces Society. 

Growth & Infrastructure Bill – the threat to town and village greens 
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