Canterbury District Green Party

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Scrutiny meeting - results in brief.

Dear all

A huge thank you to everyone who spoke at this morning's Scrutiny meeting and to everyone who came to listen and support.  We attained some positive results from the meeting, even if it was not everything we hoped for.

On the positive side, the Scrutiny Committee voted to refer the Kingsmead Field decision back to the Executive on one of the grounds for call-in, namely that it breaches the Council's Open Space Strategy and the Kingsmead Development Brief.  What was disappointing was that the vote went against us on the other grounds (non-classification as a Key Decision, poor baseline data and the withholding of information).

However, the fact that one of the grounds was accepted is a big achievement in itself, and is relatively rare for the Scrutiny Committee.  The Council will now have to produce a new report for the Executive on the issue of (non-)compliance with Council policy.  This will then have to be considered at a future Executive meeting (date not yet known), and will delay the appropriation process still further.

In the meantime, we plan to take legal advice on the courses of action which are open to us and the likely costs involved.  We will hold a public meeting in the near future to gauge the level of public support for further action on various fronts.  As soon as we have a date and venue fixed, we'll let you know.

Best wishes and thanks again


Coordinator, Save Kingsmead Field campaign

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