Canterbury District Green Party

Monday, 30 July 2012

Update: Save Kingsmead Field

1. Media Coverage

There's an excellent article on page 15 of this week's Gazette about Prince William's recent statement in support of protecting playing fields from development.  It makes the link with the Save Kingsmead Field campaign; they will be following this up with a letter to Prince William.  There is also a really good article on page 4 of this week's Canterbury Times about the presentation of the Village Green application to Councillor Graham Gibbens at Kent County Council.  

2. Legal Advice

The campaign has sought legal advice from a London-based barrister, William Upton, who specialises in environment and planning law.  The advice identifies a number of serious flaws in the way in which the Council has proceeded with its decision to dispose of the Kingsmead Field.  The advice has been forwarded to key members of Canterbury City Council.

3. Save Kingsmead Field Fund

In the realisation that this will be a long-term campaign, 'Save Kingsmead Field Campaign' has now been formalised as a charitable organisation.  The current temporary officers are: Sue Langdown as chair, Alan Thomas as vice-chair, Malcolm Denyer as treasurer and Sian Pettman as secretary.  A public meeting will be held in the autumn when there will be a formal election of the officers (date to be arranged).  If the campaign is ultimately successful, we hope that the organisation can evolve into the 'Friends of Kingsmead Field'.

The Save Kingsmead Field Fund has now been set up as part of the charitable organisation.   So far expenditure has been incurred on legal costs, printing costs for the Village Green questionnaires, flyers, banners etc.  This has largely been funded by a small number of individuals, together with donations from several local Residents' Associations.  Since the campaign has made considerable headway to date, this appears to be money well spent.

If you feel able to make a donation, it would be highly appreciated. Please send it to: The Save Kingsmead Field Campaign, C/O Sue Langdown, 30 The Crescent, Canterbury, CT2 7AW).  If you have any questions, please contact Sue on: 01227 454562  or

4. Executive Decision

A new date has still to be fixed for the Executive Decision on the appropriation of the field.  As soon as this date has been announced, it will be on the website:  It could be at short notice.  It would be great to see as many supporters at the Executive meeting as possible.

(The previous article on this subject can be found here.)