Canterbury District Green Party

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Update: Save Kingsmead Field

The e-petition on Canterbury City Council’s website to save Kingsmead Field had recorded 600 signatures by Tuesday. This is more support than any previous petition submitted to the Council has had, but it needs 1,500 to trigger a review by the Council’s Overview Committee. The authority claims the four-and-a-half acre site is no longer used for recreation and wants to sell it to developers, but petition organiser Cath Smith from St Stephen’s calls on them to preserve it as a “green lung”, an open space for all residents to enjoy.

You have until Friday, 25th May to sign the e-petition if you haven’t already done so. Go to and click on 'Council and Democracy' on the left. Then, under 'Quick Links' on the right, go to 'Petitions' and click on 'ePetitions' in the paragraph. Click on 'Kingsmead Playing Fields' and then click on 'Log in or register and sign the ePetition' then 'Register as a new user'. It only takes a few minutes.

(The previous article on this subject can be found here.)