Canterbury District Green Party

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Overview Committee Meeting 13th June

A meeting of the Canterbury Area Members Panel (consisting of Canterbury's own councillors) culminated in a dramatic and unexpected result on 16th May when all Canterbury councillors voted to send a cross-party, unanimous recommendation to the Council Executive that:

1)   Kingsmead Field should not be sold for residential development, but should be kept as public open space;

2)  a full public consultation should take place about the future development of Kingsmead.

On account of the fact that the e-petition reached the critical 1,500-signature threshold, the Kingsmead decision will be examined by the Overview Committee at its meeting on Wednesday, 13th June at 7pm in the Guildhall (entrance to Westgate Gardens).  The Committee consists of 11 councillors drawn from all three political parties represented on the Council.  If so minded, the Committee will be able to submit a recommendation to the Executive to consider at its meeting on Thursday, 21st June, when the final decision on the Kingsmead Field is expected to be made.
Please come along to the Overview Committee meeting if you possibly can as councillors need to see the strength of public opinion on this issue.

The agenda for the meeting has now been published, along with a report which responds to written questions submitted by the lead petitioner, Cath Smith.  You can see them at:$$ADocPackPublic.pdf

For anyone wishing to compare the statements made in the Council report with the 2004 Kingsmead Development Brief, the latter can be found at:

(The previous article on this subject can be found here.)