Canterbury District Green Party

Friday, 27 April 2012

Tax Havens

I'm sure most of you need no introduction to Avaaz, that wonderful organisation that has to date managed to mobilise more than fourteen million people worldwide to sign petitions with the aim of bringing people-powered politics to pressing issues around the globe. There is growing evidence that Avaaz's voice is being heard. To quote UK Avaaz member Madeleine Cox:

"I've watched as, slowly, the enduring mentality of 'my voice doesn't count' has been countered, through demonstrations of how coming together with one united voice IS powerful and can effect genuine change for the better."

Today I responded to Avaaz's latest brilliant idea: providing a mechanism for anyone to launch their own petition via the website. My petition concerns tax havens and is addressed to the G20. Here's the text:

The existence of tax havens allows the wealthiest individuals and companies around the globe, who should be giving most back to the societies in which they live, to avoid paying their fair share. All governments should make such activity illegal and expose it for the crime it really is. One law for all in finance as well as everything else!

If you share my feelings about this issue, I do hope you'll take a minute to sign the petition at this website address:

Pat Marsh