Canterbury District Green Party

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Chaucer Fields (Local Issue)

Those of us wishing to protect Chaucer Fields and the Southern Slopes more generally now have an extra string to our bow. Gifted local musicians, including Richard Navarro and Brendan Power, have recorded a wonderful and moving track, "Concrete Lung", based on the well known Joni Mitchell song "Big Yellow Taxi". It is hoped with will  draw attention to the issue, and stress the consequences the misguided development proposals will have especially for children, and future generations of people living/working in Canterbury. Please take a moment to be one of the first to listen to, and watch, the track which can be found at:

Please make a point of distributing this link amongst your friends, family, circles etc: it surely deserves to "go viral" (if I get the terminology right!)

Also, if you've not already done it to get your written representation for the Village Green application done BEFORE MONDAY - there are only a few days left now (see below)...

Happy listening, distributing and Written Representation writing!

all best

Chaucer Fielder
Chaucer Fields Picnic Society

(The previous article on this subject can be found here.)