Canterbury District Green Party

Thursday, 22 December 2011

A selection of ways in which Canterbury Green Party priorities differ from our current council's:

1:We would not make wholesale closures of Public Toilets. Can we really be expected to organise our lives so that we can do without using these important facilities? Are we supposed to rely on shops, cafes or pubs? The Green Party believe that access to such basic needs should be open and free.

2: Why did the Council not consult properly on plans to close the Westgate Hall? This is clearly a popular venue for a whole range of activities. Why did it not occur to the Council that they could explore a 'User Co-operative' (or Community Trust) arrangement whereby users contribute to its maintenance and upkeep in a non-profit cooperative scheme.

3: Extensions to the Tower House in Westgate Gardens. At a time when lots of facilities and amenities are being closed or reduced, it seems entirely inappropriate to even think of spending up to £600,000 on upgrading facilities at the Tower House (the mayor's parlour!). And at least £50,000 has already been spent (wasted) on plans that will not now be implemented.

4: Gift to the Royal St George's Golf Club. We think that it is little less than scandalous that one of the wealthiest golf clubs in the country should be given a £20,000 donation from the City Council to help sponsor the next Open Golf Championship. These tournaments bring in vast sums of money from gate entry and TV rights.

5: Hotel, conference centre and student housing on Chaucer Fields. There is no way in which we would give planning permission to the University of Kent to construct these developments next to the Chaucer College. This land on the southern slopes of the university site was originally designated as an open barrier between "town and gown". A 'student village' should be developed around the present Park Wood site. Hotel guests are unlikely to appreciate staying in the midst of 800 student rooms!